Leaving Feedback for Purchases

All buyers on Madeit can leave feedback on their experience, and we encourage you to do so, not only because kind feedback makes our sellers do a little happy dance, but also because your feedback helps sellers improve their products and service, and helps other buyers make informed decisions. 

Leaving Feedback From Your Madeit Account

If you have a Madeit account, you can leave feedback on each item you have purchased from one convenient location within your account. To leave feedback, sign in to your Madeit account and:

  • Click the Feedback icon at the top of any page once you are signed in to your account.

  • Click on the 'Leave Feedback' heading at the top of the page

For each item awaiting feedback;

  • Click on the most appropriate symbol to leave a feedback score of positive, neutral, or negative

  • Enter your comments in the space provided

  • Click the Submit button to save your changes

Leaving Guest Feedback

If you do not have a Madeit account, or you made your purchase as a guest (you weren't signed in at time of purchase) you can still leave feedback for your purchase. Simply click on the gold 'Leave Feedback Now' button at the bottom of your Madeit order confirmation, which was emailed to you on the day you made your purchase. Doing so will give you three options:

1. Add the order to a new account by choosing a username and password;
2. Add the order to an existing account by signing in; or
3. Leave feedback as a guest
Madeit Guest Feedback Options

For each product you've purchased, select a Positive, Negative or Neutral feedback score and leave a comment to describe your experience (note that this is feedback for the seller, but also useful information for other potential buyers) and press the Submit button.

Please note that items you've purchased will only be available in your feedback list for six months from the date of purchase so please leave feedback promptly after you receive your order.

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